Artist Statement


Firstly I would like to thank you for getting to my about page. These pages can often be a little stiff but I hope that you will enjoy reading a little bit about why I do what I do and why I love creating so much. I am so grateful for anyone who is interested in my platform and work as you are what allows me to carry on doing what I love. 

Read on for a professional statement.


Ameerah is a British born contemporary abstract artist who uses her skills in print design and painting to create her interpretation of natural environments.

As a Printed Textile Design graduate from Manchester School of Art she has experimented with many exciting ways of using colour, texture and mark to display energy and emotion through her work.

Her work is heavily influenced by the natural world, as she strives to use her art to re-connect us to our natural ancestry. She always aims to find unseen aspects of natural spaces (e.g movement; sound & growth) to inspire her digital drawing and paintings.

She uses art as a conduit to convey these aspects in the hope that they will convey this connection and prompt a sense of meditative contemplation.

Remembering the importance of the natural world in an age where the world has never been so fast past is so important for health and wellbeing.  She uses her art as a reason for a viewer to stop and become lost in the earthy, watery tones and detail, even if for a moment.

Her work is playful and experimental as she uses a large variety of materials and unconventional tools to create her pieces.

A little note…

I hope that my work brings a sense of serenity to your life and that you can, even for a moment, become immersed in the composition as a form of meditation. Life can be hard, and my work is here to provide a moment of peace.